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To be completely honest my idea of what a wedding photographer is, is constantly evolving. I started as most do trying to create the most beautiful pictures by creating moments, setting up scenes and taking "the pictures", you know the ones for me, that will get the most instagram likes.  That's not who I am tho, and it's most definitely not who you are. You are the person so in love you have chosen to spend the rest of your years with this one person, you are the tears, the smiles, the interactions with your friends and family, you are the elopement with just your partner and the sea, you are an individual and your story deserves to be told honestly and with care and detail. I want to get to know you and document your day in a way that honors how incredible you are. 


I'm so glad you are still here, I no longer have any packages. Weddings are $400/hour and include all the best images taken, no number cutoffs no leaving sentimental pictures on the cutting room floor.  You will receive a beautiful online gallery with unlimited downloads of high resolution images. You can also order your prints directly from the gallery and build beautiful linen albums. My promise to you is that I will work tirelessly that day to document your story beautifully and completely. Any couple who books at least 4 hours will have a getting to know you shoot included. This can be scheduled as soon as deposit is received and contract is signed.  It's a great way to help you get comfortable around the camera and get some fun relaxed pictures as a couple.  Please reach out with any questions at all, even if we can't work together I would love to meet you and help you on your journey.



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