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Here goes everything...

So yes, a blog. My vision is to use this as a way to share my personal photographic journey. I would like to showcase my ability as a photographer by documenting my family journey. I want to find the beauty in the cluttered floors and messy faces that come with raising small children. I am a mother of two, a two and a half year old boy Finlay James and a three month old girl Tallula Lane. I have been a whitewater photographer since 2006 and worked in the ski industry as a photographer and Ski Patrol for a better portion of my life. As of this year I am branching out and exploring many different avenues of photography (which is great timing because my husband has recently started a brewery with his brothers and two friends... Nothing says "free time" like starting two businesses and having two small children!)

Anyway, here are a few photos of my kiddos to get it started

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