Did you miss me?

 It's been a summer.. and fall! What a wild ride... The documentation of the kiddos continued but the blogging was put on hold. Rafting and family photos for others took priority over marketing and promotion.. But mostly making sure the kids had a big healthy dose of Adventure.

 This summer the kids came to work with me whenever it was a slower day or they had a fever which was always a nice reminder to see them playing in the river knowing I'm doing it all so they can maintain this lifestyle and love for all things wild.  Finn begged for moths to learn how to skateboard and since soccer wasn't really his thing we gave it a try, and man does that kid light up at a skatepark.  I never would have guessed!

 We are going through the daily life here in Park City, but with the twist of living off grid and remodeling a 77 Airstream to live in while we build (more on that next blog).  We still made it out to most of the fun events over the summer, like Miner's Day parade pictured above.

 Now in the midst of the craziness I have decided to start a non profit Artist studio space.  Finn isn't complaining tho!

 Our only vacation was a a getaway to California where I was hired to shoot the most beautiful wedding.. 4 days wasn't enough but it did bring up the morale.

 For now we will just keep on swimming and I will keep on documenting the beautiful children I was blessed with in my life.

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