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Getting outside during shoulder season.

The days are painfully short and the weather can be hit or miss, but my children are still craving adventure! While we wait for the snow we are getting in some short hikes and a lot of time at the pump track, skate park and playgrounds around town. 

The empty skate park this time of year offers tons of space for Tallula to explore. She isn't quite walking yet so it's perfect! Finn can ride he bike around while Lula uses different features to hold herself up.  I want her to be brave. I want her to embody strong and wild and free but still own her femininity.. That's a tall order I know but I try to honor both with how I dress her, how I talk to her, and raising her just as I did Finn.

Who is doing pretty good for a 3 year old! I'm loving his "Go Big" shirt by Sawyer it is a reminder for me just as much as him to let him find his own limits not to project my own on him.

This is the face you get when you've taken a few too many pictures of your son.

Lula rocking her bear shirt by Sawyer and a handmade hat from Artique  and her wild and fearless side!

Go Big

My wild one.

After taking a header off a similar feature he decided best to back down this guy and I wasn't disappointed!

My best advice I can give is to be outside as much as you can. I know the living off the grid adventure we've been on isn't for everyone but some time at the park certainly is.  Grab your kids and a snack and go play!

It really is their natural habitat

I promise you won't regret it.

Sawyer Clothing

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